Conditions of Entry

  1. Applications for entry close at 12 noon on Thursday, 11 th May 2023.
  2. All entries in Class 1 are to consist of a Pen of 6 head of Heifers, with the best 5 being judged in the
  3. All entries in Class 2 are to consist of a Pen of 10 head of Steers, with the best 8 being judged in the
  4. All entries into Class 3 are to consist of a Single Heifer, with a Maximum of 2 Entries per exhibitor/PIC.
  5. All entries into Class 4 are to consist of a Single Steer, with a Maximum of 2 Entries per exhibitor/PIC
  6. Entries for Classes 1 & 2 are restricted to 1 Pen per class per exhibitor/PIC.
  7. All animals entered must be the bona fide property of the Exhibitor for at least 3 months prior to the
    Springsure Show.
  8. Entry weights for the Springsure Feeder Class are 320-400kg LW (215-315Kg HSCW) for Heifers and 350-420kg LW (280-360Kg HSCW) for Steers; all entries must be shown at the Springsure Show on 2nd –
    4 th June for competition eligibility.
  9. Any variation from Carcass Weights, with a 5Kg tolerance above or below, are ineligible for competition points.
  10. All animals must be polled or dehorned.
  11. All entries must be mouthed prior to the show.
  12. All entries must be Lifetime traceable and fitted with a NLIS tag.
  13. All entries must be accompanied by a LPA Vendor Declaration.
  14. All entries must be visibly free from cattle ticks.
  15. All entries must be free of dog bites, hernias, blue eyes, lameness and presented as fit to load.
  16. Stags are not eligible for entry.
  17. All Heifers entered must be less than 25% Bos Indicus Content.
  18. All Steers entered must be less than 50% Bos Indicus Content.
  19. All entries are to be identified in their applicable class prior to entry into the feedlot.
  20. The Bauhinia Carcass Classic Committee reserves the right to refuse entry to the competition of animals that do not meet the required standards for entry into the feedlot.
  21. The competition will take place at Allied Beef’s Vandyke Feedlot.
  22. The Official Start Weight for the Carcass Competition will be the recorded induction weight upon arrival at Vandyke Feedlot.
  23. All Entries are eligible for Weight Gain Prizes.
  24. Surplus animals will not be eligible for Combined Points Prizes.
  25. Participants agree to have all associated costs including induction, feeding and transport costs deducted from the Sale Proceedings upon completion of the competition.
  26. Once animals are nominated in their class they cannot be changed during the competition although the Committee reserves the right to move them if they see fit. If animals do not meet the criteria (weights) of their nominated class, they will be disqualified.
  27. All entries are to be purchased by the abattoir of the committee’s choice, at an agreed price, upon completion of the competition. All proceeds will be forwarded to the Exhibitor minus 4% Commission, with 1% to the Springsure Show Society, 1% to the Bauhinia Carcass Classic & 2% to the Agent.
  28. The announcements of the winners and Presentation of Awards will take place at the 2023 Carcass Competition Presentation Dinner. Date for the awards night to be confirmed.
  29. The Judges decision is final.